Help us build a second shop in Walthamstow

by Caroline Johnston in E17, London, England, United Kingdom


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We are asking for your help to fund our second shop so that we can secure our future here at Central Parade in Walthamstow.

by Caroline Johnston in London, England, United Kingdom

A bit about us

The Every Space was created four and a half years ago. It started as a market stall in Walthamstow selling gifts from independent makers and designers and became a proper shop 18 months later. Having an actual shop space allowed me to combine my houseplant hobby with the gift shop. Now we are well established and our space is full of green plants and beautiful gifts. Our plants spill out onto the pavement and help to bring our little row of shops to life. 


Pre-COVID we were running regular workshops on plant care and floristry and we design and install planting schemes for offices and other businesses. We are now a team of five local women who work, run businesses and are involved directly with the success of the shop. I’m so proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time.

During COVID we were forced to close. We fell between the gaps of the government’s main handout schemes and still had to pay rent. We turned our shop into a warehouse for online click and collect and local deliveries of plants and gifts. It was a very worrying time but the support from our customers ordering online truly got us through.


What is happening now - the bad and the good

We'd just begun to get back on our feet after reopening when we got some devastating news about our shop. The building is under new management and the new landlord has ambitions for how the whole of the building we are in will be used in the future. Within the next year or so we will lose all of our back of house, stock room and office space. Without this we can’t function. After three years of hard work and investment in this location it came as a massive blow, especially when we we are already bursting at the seams.

We will either have to close or look for other premises, which we don’t want to do. We’ve just signed a new lease and we want to make a success of our shop. Our location and the fact that we can use the outside space for plants is so important to our business. There is nothing else quite like it in Walthamstow. Plus, we love being part of the community of independent businesses at Central Parade. We are so desperate to stay.

We were feeling pretty bleak about the future when an incredible thing happened: the empty shop unit next door became available. This was quite an unexpected turn of events and we decided to go for it, because it’s a really great space, the answer to our problem, AND we know that we can turn it into something amazing for our community.

We made the bold and exciting decision to take on this new shop and keep our existing shop. TWO shops is a dream come true!

About each shop

The current shop we are in now will become The Every Space: Plants & Flowers. A dedicated plant and flower shop with a bigger selection of plants, pots and botanical goods for indoor and outdoor gardening.

There will also be more space to run the workshops that we all love, but best of all we will be able to create a dedicated space for our resident florist Harri, from Flowers For Your Weekend, so she can make bunches to order and have a proper flower shop.


The NEW shop next door will be The Every Space: Gifts and Home. Alongside our current products, Head & Hands concession and a new home range there will be space for pop-ups, so we can invite other businesses in and give them experience of shop life. We will also be able to support more indie and local suppliers because we will have the space to do it.

Having two spaces means we can finally give our plants and gifts the space they deserve. The new shop has a basement office, prep area for plant installations and a stock room. It’s everything we need!


Why we need your help

Because we are a small business and it’s a really expensive project. Because having being closed due to COVID we now have very limited money to invest. The new shop is just an empty shell and needs everything. There is no wiring, lighting and no toilet. The responsibility of paying for that rests with us and then we have to fund the shopfit on top, buy stock and recruit new staff.

Money to reach our target will go towards investing in people. A second shop means we will be recruiting three new staff members across both shops. We’ll be prioritising local people who have lost their jobs due to COVID. We need to secure their wages for the first few difficult months after opening and provide training.


If we are lucky enough to stretch our target funding, we would commission bespoke furniture for the new shop (such as a cash desk, display tables and shelving) from local makers and tradespeople. We want to help Harri create her beautiful flower shop. She needs a counter, flower prep area and signage.

What you get back

Any donation, no matter how small, will go a long way to helping with our project. In return for your generosity, we have created a variety of rewards, products, and experiences that can be redeemed in our shop or online. These are created for this crowdfund and are a bit special.


Why it matters

We love being part of a vibrant and creative community at Central Parade and we want to stay under the iconic yellow wavy canopy of independent businesses.

When we support local business we are helping to create vibrant and more colourful high streets. We’re also contributing to the local economy, allowing local businesses to support other local businesses and community projects, share skills, resources and inspire others to do the same. We think that’s pretty special; it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We hope that with the help of our fantastic customers, community and friends we can make this happen. Please pledge whatever you can!


Thank you! 

Caroline and Claire, Harri, Amanda and Hayley

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Pledge £30 today and we'll reward you with a special edition print of the new shop you are funding. Only available as a reward for this Crowdfund. Illustrated by Sakina Saidi. A4, signed, unframed. + your name displayed in the new shop

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Pledge £10 today and we'll reward you with one of our 'local and independent' tote bags. + your name displayed in the new shop

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£10 donation + your name displayed in the new shop.

£20 or more


£20 donation + your name displayed in the new shop.

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Pledge £35 today grab a discounted place on our popular House Plant Happiness workshops. + your name displayed in the new shop.

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Pledge £40 today and we'll reward you with a special edition print of the new shop you are funding. Only available as a reward for this Crowdfund. Illustrated by Sakina Saidi. A3, signed, unframed.+ your name displayed in the new shop

£50 or more


£50 donation + your name displayed in the new shop.

£125 or more

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Pledge £125 today and receive a box of easy care medium size plants a month for 3 months. Includes plant food, a handmade macrame hanger and care instructions for each plant. Boxes delivered by the end of February. + your name displayed in the new shop.

£40 or more

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Pledge £40 today and grab a place on a SEASONAL BOUQUET MAKING workshop run by our in-house florist, Flowers For Your Weekend. + your name displayed in the shop.

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Pledge £50 today and grab a place on our special edition TERRARIUM LOVERS WORKSHOP which is only available for this crowdfund. Learn all about the different types of terrariums, which plants suit which environment and make your own closed tropical terrarium to take home. + your name displayed in the new shop

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