Website privacy statement

This page was updated on: 17 Apr 2020

This page provides information about the steps we take to protect your privacy when you use our website. This privacy statement covers and any other websites that include ‘’ in the address.

Personal information we collect about you

You can browse our website without disclosing any information about yourself.

Some GLA webpages will ask you to provide information about yourself - for example, your name, email address, telephone number, or date of birth - so you can sign-up to a particular service, initiative, or newsletter - or so we can respond to your correspondence with the GLA.

We will only ever ask you to provide the information necessary for that purpose.

Other personal data we may collect from your interactions with our website include:

  • your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and details of which version of web browser you used
  • information on how you use the site, using cookies and page tagging techniques


The legal basis for processing this data is to perform a task in the public interest that is set out in law and is statute based.

How we use this information

When we ask you to provide information, we will tell you what this data will be used for and we will give you the option to choose if you would like us to send you information about what we do.

We use Google Analytics and Hotjar to collect information about how you use We do this to help make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users and to help us make improvements, for example improving site search.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit on
  • how long you spend on each page
  • how you got to the site
  • what you click on while you’re visiting the site


You can opt out of Google Analytics.


Hotjar stores information on some pages of our site including:

  • what you click on the site
  • how far you scroll 
  • how long you visit the page
  • whether you have taken part in a survey or poll


You can opt out of Hotjar.

We do not use Google Analytics or Hotjar to collect or store information that could be used to identify who you are.

Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook Pixel to capture anonymised data about those who use our site who also use Facebook. Facebook’s targeted advertising then delivers our relevant Facebook adverts based on the page viewed. 

Facebook pixel stores information about:

  • the pages you visit on
  • what you click on while you're visiting the site
  • whether you are a Facebook user and have opted in to relevant advertising from Facebook


The data is anonymised, so we cannot see who you are. After 180 days you are deleted from the list of page viewers, unless you view a page with the pixel on it again. Find out more, or opt out of Facebook advertising.

Protecting your information

We aim to have a secure and reliable website and use appropriate security technology to protect any personal data we process about you. But your use of the internet, and this website, is entirely at your own risk. We have no responsibility or liability for the security of personal information transmitted over the internet.

Sharing your information

We will not:

  • sell or rent your data to third parties
  • share your data with third parties for marketing purposes without express permission


The GLA may be required to share your personal information with the police and other law enforcement agencies for the purposes of crime prevention or detection. If we are asked to disclose your information, we ask the requesting organisation to demonstrate that the data will assist in the prevention or detection of crime, or that the GLA is legally obliged to disclose it.