How Pay It Forward helped a one-week old business

by GLA Staff | May 04, 2020 | Stories

How Pay It Forward helped a one-week old business

The team behind Fallow – a newly opened restaurant on Heddon Street – are crowdfunding to save jobs, pay their suppliers and secure their future.

Jack and Will set up their debut restaurant, Fallow, after meeting at Dinner by Heston in 2015 and, despite being what they describe as “fundamentally chalk and cheese in the kitchen”, formed a partnership through a mutual love of creating delicious food from kitchen by-products. 

Just nine days after opening the team were forced to close their doors due to the lockdown restrictions brought in to fight the spread of Covid-19. Like many other small businesses that are struggling right now, Fallow did not qualify for the Job Retention Scheme or government grants meaning they had to let go of some of their team.

How Pay It Forward is helping

The effects of Covid-19 are being felt by companies of all sizes and sectors, not least the smaller businesses which are the lifeblood of our city’s economy – many of whom, like Fallow, have had to close their doors and are struggling with cashflow.  

When we heard about the Pay It Forward campaign launched by the Mayor of London, we knew that we had some lifeline to fall back on. We urge other businesses in our position to galvanise the London community and use this free crowdfunding platform during the lockdown.” – Will Murray, Co-Founder of Fallow

Fallow has raised over £8,000 in just a few days with the support of over 100 backers so far. They are providing all supporters with discounts on meals, tickets to their re-opening party, BBQ parcels and charity masterclasses.

All funds raised will be used to reopen Fallow as a shop and delivery HQ and get the team back on payroll, support suppliers and service the local community. 

The success of the project so far shows that this method works – even if like Fallow, you have not been trading very long or are a brand-new business. 

Tips & Tricks 

Setting up a campaign is easy, but here are a few tips that will help you go that extra mile and ensure that pledges keep coming in:

  • Personalising your story through a video call-out, photos and some narrative about your vision and your team 
  • Defining good rewards – don’t be afraid to get creative! A lot of people are doing re-opening parties and offering hugs… there’s a lot of things you can do beyond discounted meals and vouchers. 
  • Make sure that your campaign title includes the name of your business, your neighbourhood and postcode. This would make it easier to find!
  • Reach out to your local community directly – whether you have a newsletter or a following on social media – make sure your loyal customers are aware of the opportunity!

Find out more about the project here and Pay It Forward for the future of London businesses.